Alcyonacea and Gorgonacea

Publication Type:Book Chapter
Year of Publication:1981
Authors:F. A. Pasternak
Editor:A. P. Kuznetsov, Mironov A. N.
Book Title:Benthos of the submarine mountains Marcus-Necker and adjacent Pacific regions
Publisher:Moscow: Akademiya Nauk.
Keywords:Chrysogorgiidae, macrospina, metallogorgia tennuis

TRANSLATION: BORIS Here’s the translation for the paragraph - I did my best and I put word with multiple meanings and/or words I’m not sure about in quotes. Enjoy: Their length exceeds the length of their spicules by a small amount in the base of their polyps, but their width remains in the same order. Directly under the "halo/aureola/circle" of "tentacles/feelers", the "armor" of the lengthwise positioned sclerites breaks up into 8 distinct "strands/cords", made up of the conserved lengthwise distributed spicules. In this section of "autozoids (I can’t find this word in any dictionary)", the sclerites take on a somewhat applanate (horizontally flattened) form. In each of these "strands/cords", these spicules lie in 5-6 rows in the proximal part and in 3-4 rows in the distal part. The farther "strands/cords" "cross/go over" onto the dorsal side of the "feelers/tentacles". But here remains only two rows of sclerites. The last ones become even more horizontally flattened, but their "skin/surface" is more granular and with more clearly expressed "conical/tapered" "papillae/eminences/buds/tubercules". The length of these spicules practically does not change in comparison to the spicules of the previous section, but their width is somewhat greater and reaches 0.035-0.04 mm.

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