A new species of Chrysogorgia Anthozoa : Octocorallia from the Antarctic

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2002
Authors:S. D. Cairns
Journal:Proceedings Of The Biological Society Of Washington

A new species of Chrysogorgia, C. antarctica, is described from the Ross Sea, Antarctica, representing the first chrysogorgiid described from south of 50degreesS. It is distinguished by having only scales in its body wall and tentacles (Group C), a dichotomously branching main stem with a 1/4R branching sequence, and uniquely shaped tentacular sclerites. Based on an extrapolation of the height (and thus age) of the colony and the number of concentric axial lamellae, it was determined that one lamella is secreted approximately every 43 days, not on an annual basis as in tropical species that have been examined.

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